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Construction Administration / Design Support

During construction, DiDonato can provide Construction Administration/Design Support services including preparing agendas, chairing, and providing minutes of project progress and other meetings; and consultation, recommendations, and advice during construction phases. We can review and respond to contractors’ Requests for Information (RFI) and prepare Architectural Supplemental Instructions (ASI) and track all costs associated with each RFI and ASI. Our engineers can assist Clients with specialized testing and inspections, final inspection, commissioning, and testing of contractor’s work for final acceptance of the contract for construction as directed.

We can review, comment on, and approve the contractor’s schedule and cash flow submittals for compliance with the specification requirements. DiDonato can provide shop drawing review as well as reviewing and processing contractor’s procedures, material samples, test reports, etc. as required.

We can maintain construction records and information in accordance with applicable regulations. Other Administration work can include providing copies of all forms, logs, reports, and filing procedures during the project and reviewing, approving, and certifying all contractor payment requests prior to submittal to the Client.

Our CA services also include providing assistance with Proposed Change Orders (PCO) and Change Orders (CO) as directed and track all costs associated with PCO/COs.

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