The Runway 14/32 Rehabilitation project consists of approximately 5,400 feet of the Runway 14-32 pavement and the total replacement of the runway edge lights with new High Intensity Runway edge lights installed in conformance with current FAA recommended standards. The Runway 14-32 pavement rehabilitation requires the removal of existing bituminous pavement overlay by cold milling, rubblizing existing concrete pavements, full-depth bituminous pavement construction, variable-depth bituminous pavement overlays, augmentation and reuse of project asphalt millings for the construction of aggregate base over rubblized pavements where feasible, embankment work outside of the pavement limits, joint and crack repair, storm drainage improvements and rehabilitation work, installation of pavement underdrain systems, installation of new runway and taxiway pavement markings, and runway pavement grooving.

Concurrent with the pavement rehabilitation, associated project electrical work includes installation of new high intensity runway edge lights, new runway and taxiway guidance signs, runway distance remaining signs, installation of new taxiway edge lighting on the stub taxiways, and rerouting of runway sign and edge lighting circuits necessary to conform with current standards. Electrical work also includes relocation of outboard displaced threshold lighting, runway end lights, and NAVAIDS including the FAA owned Runway 14 Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) and Runway End Identifier Lights (REILS).

The project rehabilitation also provides for the correction of the current non-standard runway centerline profile, renaming of the Runway 14-32 stub taxiways in accordance with current FAA standards, and the closure of existing Taxiway L pavement.

Project Profile

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