Phase II – Locker Room Addition

DiDonato Associates provided planning, design and construction management services to implement additions and renovations of the existing twin ice rink complex.  Building off of the momentum of the Phase I project, the Phase II – locker room addition provides greatly needed updated facilities.  The new 3,600 SF addition incorporates four team locker rooms with shared toilet and showers, and two small locker rooms for coaches/ referees.  In order to maintain code compliance, portions of the existing spectator bleachers were removed and replaced new to provide locker room access from the existing rink. The new bleachers were also designed for use in a future phase.  A new metal roof over the existing mechanical room, painting of the existing beams over the feature rink, and site work  are among the few items being addressed as part of this project phase as accepted alternates.

In the design of Phase II it was important to incorporate similar elements and materials used  in Phase I to complement the park and existing structures and carry through to fit with future phases.  DiDonato Associates is also providing extended services during construction which began in Spring 2011 and completed in November 2011.

Project Profile

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