600 Block

As part of the Main Street Revitalization-Cars Sharing Main Street project, the City of Buffalo, Department of Public Works proposes introduce cars to Main Street in order to provide improved access within the downtown area and to bring in traffic to the inaccessible business areas in downtown Buffalo.  This phase includes the 600 Block of Main Street.

The objective of the Design Services is to provide design development and construction documents for the Scope of Work outlined in the Final Design Report for the 1,200 LF segment from Tupper Street to Chippewa Street (Phase 1).

Improvements defined under the scope include:

  • Limited repairs to the existing trackbed between the Portal and Chippewa Street to accommodate the shared travel lanes.
  • New full depth asphalt pavement for travel lanes around the Portal, parking lanes and bicycle lanes.
  • New concrete sidewalks, curbing (at widenings) and high visibility crosswalks.
  • New landscaping, new lighting, Portal screening and street furniture.
  • Removal of existing Theatre Station infrastructure and capping of service feeds.
  • Train control and electrical panel relocation/replacement.
  • New traffic signals, controllers and interfacing with train control system.
  • Catenary pole removals from trackbed; installation of new poles in sidewalk.
  • Supplemental safety and security measures at Portal.
  • Traffic monitoring cameras.
  • Traffic control measures during and post construction.
  • Utility and drainage modifications, relocations and improvements.
  • Feature removals – arches, kiosks.
  • Drip Irrigation system.

Project Profile

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