Lower End

As part of the Main Street Revitalization – Cars Sharing Main Street project, DiDonato recently completed design services for the Lower End section of Main, which will reopen the Main Street section between Exchange Street and Scott Street to two-way vehicular traffic. This involves the sharing of the travel lanes by vehicular and light rail traffic within the existing track bed, with track bed reconstruction extending to the south limit of a new double crossover just south of the Main St./Scott St. intersection. This will combine with earlier and future project phases until the entire portion of Main Street is converted to multi-modal travel.

The project elements will be to restore two-way traffic on Main Street between Scott and Exchange; remove the existing light rail double crossover and construct new double crossover and related catenary work immediately south of Scott Street; install new curbs, sidewalks, LED street lighting, traffic signals, parking zones, and signage; reconstruct LRRT trackbed; and implement landscaping and streetscaping improvements throughout the project limits including the re-use of salvaged Aud façade artifacts. In addition, relocation of 10” watermain and 12” combined sewer is included. Construction will begin in September 2017.

Project Profile

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