Natatorium Addition

DiDonato Associates was selected as the Maryvale School District’s Architect and Engineer in 2005 and conducted an in depth analysis of the District’s facilities, prepared the 5 Year Capital Construction Plan, and developed design documents for needed rehabilitation and reconstruction.

The improvements to the school’s athletic facilities included the design and construction of a new $12 million, 8-lane natatorium and community fitness center.  The existing four lane pool area was in-filled and reconstructed as a weight training room.

The exterior design of the natatorium incorporated face brick finishes currently on site as a means of  creating a cohesive sense of campus.  We took the opportunity of employing a new material to the campus, a routed and return metal panel infill system. This modern element was repeated at the façade of the connector link, also part of this contract.  A PVC roof system with applied battens created the feel of a standing seam copper roof and was an economical approach to roof this bow curved structure. The school logo was applied to the corner stone of the structure in a location of prominence,  to provide a signature element to the campus as students and visitors approach the site from the west entry drive.

The interior design was provided by our in house design team.  The challenge presented were determining methods of incorporate existing finishes with updated designs and materials.  The use of Terrazzo  floors  and large scale wall tiles in new patterns were implemented as complimentary finishes.  As a means of promoting school spirit the school color, maroon was utilized as subtle accents throughout the campus renovation project.  Our goals were to create spaces that were safe, easily maintained and conducive to the activities programmed.  Our designers and team leaders  worked hand in hand with school committees to ensure that the district’s objectives and goals were achieved.

Project Profile

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